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Petrichor Brewing - COVID-19 Update

Here at Petrichor Brewing we are proud to say we have been leaders when adhering to more strict guidelines from the CDC as well as taking it upon ourselves to insure the safety/health of our staff and most importantly our patrons. We have done this by implementing policy and procedure for safe interaction from each of our team members with every customer that walks in and out of our doors.

We wanted to reassure those that are continuing to support us through this pandemic that we are going to keep looking to local, state, and national trends on what the best course of action is when it comes to safety and health. We wanted to take it upon ourselves to give you a taste of some of the things we're doing.

For starters we removed the majority of bar stools at the bar for safe distancing, but of course still able to interact with your favorite bar staff (masks and all). We have blocked off the areas without chairs and are encouraging all customers to order at either end of the bar (like always).

We have blocked off specific tables in the dining room so individuals enjoying the view of the brewery don't feel too close to others:

Additionally, we also have provided hand sanitizer at either end of the bar for all to disinfect their hands as needed.

We are also going above and beyond sanitizing surfaces and writing utensils multiple times.

Lastly, we have went full digital with our menus. Not only are they available on either side of the bar on the TVs, but you can also scan the QR codes found throughout the establishment.

Thank you again to all those that have not only shown their support through patronage, but also sharing and liking us on Facebook and Google. We really appreciate the support and couldn't be here without you!


Petrichor Brewing

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