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Now hiring!

We are a family owned brewery that is growing and we need your help.

Now hiring for front of the house and back of the house positions, including: bartender, line cook, and cellarman

Our staff is fun, energetic, and enthusiastic about making high quality brews that stand out!

Great perks including:

- Competitive pay (hourly rate based on experience),

- Flexible scheduling (we do a whole month out in advance),

- Full timers get PTO,

- 50% of drinks (24/7 even when you're not working),

- 30% off food (24/7 even when you're not working),

- 30% off merch (24/7 even when you're not working),

- Shift beers and

- Full time employees 21+ get a growler fill every shift!

Full and part time positions available.

Bartender Job Description

Kitchen Staff Job Description

Cellarman Job Description

Don't delay, apply now!

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